midterms are over

midterm exams are over!
oh yeah!

I feel so elated right now mainly coz i just finished watching (right at this moment 9:51pm) an MCR performance at MTV2.
Gerard with his black make-up on his eyes and
Frank with his Pany and
Mikey with his glasses and tambourine?!
Ray with his fluffy 'fro
and the oh-so innocent Bob!
Love you guys to death.

Other reasons for my euphoria:

  • my mom and i checked out some laptops today. i finally narrowed the search two 2 choices: an Asus A8He or an Asus Eee PC. I know I was kind of choosing the Acer Aspire but I changed my mind at an instant when I saw the specs on these ones. i'll post up on them soon.
  • Gerard Way
  • Angels and Airwaves
  • BoysLikeGirls
  • and did i mention that midterms are over?
  • and Gerard Way also!

(that's me dancing inside!)


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