landslide of thoughts

so many things to write but i have homework..
ill keep this short:

  • the MCR group at multiply keeps blabbering about the mcr concert this jan.25. I can't help but feel so out of place because they'll be going and I can't.
  • my mom, sis and i went to TSB (tabo sa banay) to check out for clothes, they got what they wanted and I was all glum about it so I was quiet the whole time. besides, that place was hot (super!),i guess that's what global warming is going to feel like years from now.
  • i finally got the clothes i wanted at SM and Metro Gaisano. Christmas Party here i come!
  • my sis really bugged me the whole time we were shopping. i feel like our sisterly relationship is falling apart.
  • Christmas party is this Friday and I haven't bought them gifts!
  • another year of missing the Misa de Gallo...waaahh!!! i could never really complete the dawn mass any way.
  • frank-iero.net finally has updates! and MCR reaps havoc on the kerrang! poll once again...lol

i'll end it here!



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