lady luck

i hate it when teachers tell you to study on only one specific thing but when the quiz has started it's a totally different thing..grrr!

but i only made two mistakes so i did fairly well! woohoo!

Moving on, I had strokes of luck following me around today.

First, I was waiting for the elevator when a mother waits beside me for the elevator too. She notices my uniform and my notebooks then asks if that's the uniform color the girls are supposed to wear. I said yes. Then she asked about my notebooks. She kind of has some fascination about our color coded notes. So i kindly told her all bout it.
Elevator was open.
We got in just the two of us.
She then opened up the topic about our school auditorium and how wonderful it was.
The talkative girl that I naturally am, I chatted up a lot too.
Then she introduced herself as Mrs. Cabahug.
I was in shock but thank goodness she didn't notice my jaw drop.
It's her!
She's Vince's mother!
I can't believe that I'm talking to my crush's mother!
She's really pretty I have to admit.
No wonder that's where vince got his good looks from.
Ahaha..what fate!
She asked for my name as well.
I was so happy I met her. Ahaha...

Second. We had no STS classes.
Thank goodness! We haven't practiced for our group presentation. Ever!

Third. I bought gifts for friends and for myself today.

Fourth. The meine chemische romanze group is gathering speed now. Vroom-vroom! lol


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