group formulation pt.2

Yey! So a friendster private group it is!
I like the french, spanish and german names the best!
Multiply isn't all that known to begin with so friendster is okay for me.

Giving Frank a tie sounds great. Badges would be cool too, they might want to wear it on the concert. Weee.

My MCR question/s would be:

a. will they have a concert in the Philippines? (there's a lot of My Chem fans here) or

b. would any of them be willing to feature their homes on MTV cribs?

I hope you cuold get me a signed autograph of them on a poster or anything. Snail mail me pictures of you and the guys too please!
My address is: 378 Daisy Street, V&G Better Homes Subdivison, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines 6001

So..when are we gonna get the group started?
And is there any sign of kat?

PS. the concert is so close already. oh my oh my oh my... blog down everything from your meet and greet until the end of the concert..every little detail matters..lol

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that could be you right there!weee

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