981 of us got it made!

That's what it says on the invitation letters my parents got the day before the event.
I woke up 3:30am today coz of the excitement that's building up i took my shower and waited until papa made me breakfast. The hair and make up artist finally came to do her thing on me. So let's fast forward to the actual happening...click!

Ok, my mom and I got to school right on time and the usher and usherettes showed her to her seat while I was looking for some familiar places to go with me tour class line. (Oh yeah, there was a Meet the Parents moment right then and there.) I immediately saw Emma, Cole, Kathy and Maian. All of us look so stunning! We're wearing our pink blouse under our white clinical jumper with gray stockings, duty shoes and our veil. Ahaha..it was all so weird. While everyone was taking pictures with their digi cams and all, the five us got to thinking that all of us look like pastry chefs, maids and sailors! lol... The boys, of course, wore their blue blouse and white pants.

Everyone was all giddy and happy taking photos of themselves, with friends, with class, with the teachers and even with family.

I was impressed that the program started right on time.
If the auditorium was a restaurant, it had an ambiance to it that was breathtaking. We walked on this red velvety carpet and kneeled when it's our time to kneel then we get to our seats and had to wait 'til the rest of them do the same. Then our school C.I.s walked on the aisle and all of them look so happy and professional the way nurses are supposed to be. We clapped for them of course!

Then the program started with the mass. I was part of the offertory and had to offer the host. Kinda makes me feel really important :D. Fast forward...click!

Badging Ceremony commences:
Our line made our way to the side of the auditorium because usherettes are handing over to us the caps and lamps. Crazy thoughts keep running through my mind, like what if i fall flat on my face, my shoe gets left behind, my cap will fall or something else worse. Phew, thank God none of that happened! I had my cap on, lit my candle and walked so proud and head held high like never before.

Awarding Ceremony:
Everyone was already congratulating me for an award that I thought I wouldn't get. My heart leaped high up in the air when my name was called. I have the highest grade in the RLE area of my Nursing Subjects. Another reason why my mom and i should celebrate a bit longer! I am so happy and I didn't expect at all the little 'ol me would get that high of a grade.
*recalls of previous return demonstrations that i think i flunked on*

I am so happy!!!
Another step closer to graduation...
ergo, 2 more grueling years to endure.

The Highlights of The Event!
maian, kathy, me, madz, emma and cole
me, jessie (ayee!) and ana
someone to share my joy with!
i got the highest grade on my RLEs..(i can't believe it at first!)


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