urban legends found

I didn't sleep in my room last night. I had to go to the master bedroom and sleep there with the rest of the family. I was scared because I was reading urban legends from snopes.com. There are numerous categories to choose from and it was frightening to think about the legends it contains.

I know, not scary huh?

Moving on, as I was just shaking off the frightening thoughts from my head, I remembered the T shirt designs Athirah wanted to show me. There were two deigns the Carnival and Wedding Design.

I'll begin with the Carni design: The design is real nice but the carnival image at the back seems to be covered by the My Chem photo. I suggest removing the photo of them and instead use the marching skeleton image and put his image riding on the Ferris wheel or the roller coasters.

MCR carnival

On the Wedding design: Everything is so well-blended. I am so loving it. But I kind of preferred the words "let's seal the romance" in the design.

wedding MCR

All in all my I'm giving 5 stars to the Wedding design. *clap clap*

These designs are for the Samsung Tshirt Design Contest...eek! Deadline is tomorrow! *faints*


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