my burdens were lifted from me

I feel so free and spiritually alive!
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We just had our Recollections at CDU-H Conference Room for the whole day. Fr. Mark Yavarone (kinda rhymes with pepperoni..) was the one leading us. We were quiet when he came in the room and prepared all his materials. All of us thought exactly that we would only be communicating with him through English but he got us wrong and actually new Bisaya very well. We were thrilled, phew! (now that we don't have to speak really rough english that much) He gave a very wholesome, insightful talk about the purpose of confessions, dating, relationships and the likes. We get to watch the movie about Jesus of Nazareth (only selected parts of it).

The reason why I felt so free was the very fact that I had just confessed. I was shaking and stuttering the whole time I was telling Fr. Mark about my sins and when he placed his hand on my head I was shaking in my insides. It was then that my burdens were lifted from my shoulders.

This made me recall about all the religious seminars I have ever joined during high school. Those great spiritual times that fed my soul with the important foods for it to be nourished.

*recalls the good 'ol times*

It's nice that I learned a lot today. No wait, it's great!


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