the secret is out

I downloaded the new MCR song days ago alas 'twas entitled, new MCR song. I get that feeling in my stomach and I can't seem to sit still. I can't seem to hear the words because of all the screaming fan girls(ahaha..peace!) but it adds to the dark mystery of the song. It sent chills down my spine (such a wonderful feeling that is!). With all their touring and no new videos to look forward to, I feel all empty inside. I don't want the flame to end. I really don't.

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My secret is out. I'm falling for someone .

I think I'm loving 30 Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto. I saw their video "The Kill" and it was magnificently done. I'm so happy to know that they put so much art and effort to the visual sides of music. Their "From Yesterday" video looks like it came from an epic Chinese war movie..bravo! Those are the kind of music videos I dream about. I'll have to download their music. That's them...

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I also downloaded Paramore's Riot! Album. I'm loving Fences and For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic singles. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a wicked band too. Their video Face Down just showed here in the Phil (i know...we're so yesterday) and the Guardian Angel single gives me the teary-eye.

Bands may come and go but my flame never tires for MCR.


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