weather or not

There were blackouts in our school that happened thrice already. I can't imagine those poor students suffocated in the elevator...gasp! By the second time that the black out happened, there was a Number 2 Weather Signal. Meaning...it's gonna rain as hell!
It did. My friends and I were staying the library when the black out happened and it was storming hard. Our library has a wide glass window which gives the view of what's happening outside. To every one's surprise the tiles of our school building were suddenly flying off from the sides and out into the storm. Our bulletin boards were swirling like crazy. From where we stood it looked like the ones you see in the news like Hurricane Katrina or something but we were the actual spectators of it. We were all ordered to go to the lobby. It was dark and it was almost nearing 5 o clock in the afternoon. It was intense. I can tell that everyone is scared and the lobby is now slippery wet. It wasn't supposed to be that way because we have an intact roof. But the roof has now opened up a slit and rain starts pouring in. The winds beat us hard. School bus seemed like forever to come back and fetch the students so I instead hitched on Emma's car. Ana caught up with me so she hitched too. It was drizzling now that Emma dropped us off at Caltex. Ana waited for me to get a jeepney home so she can then go home but to my dismay alot of people seemed to go to the same direction I was going to. It was difficult to get a jeepney ride. So Ana and I walked towards her home and decided that I sleep over at her house. She was happy to have me and Jessa was with us too. Both Jessa and I slept at Ana's house. I'm so happy that I have friend like her. I miss Ana's mother and sisters. They're the funniest bunch of people ever and they get along well but with a little bickering on the sides. Lights didn't come back until 10pm. I was to have a quiz tomorrow so I borrowed Ana; notes and studied on that. I texted my parents about my whereabouts. They know Ana, so they know I'm in good hands.
Jessa and I left early from Ana's house because we still have classes and a quiz to prepare for.
The lesson for that day: Never be dropped off at Caltex if there's a storm and if Ana isn't by your side. Second, find a friend who'll open her arms for you in troubled and stormy times.
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