The Taste It TV Interview with Gerard Way

I just finished watching the Taste It TV Interview with Gerard Way.

The first 6 minutes were so weary. The girl has awful english and the background was noisy. I wasn't listening to the interview she made with Gerard (o comon!) but then the girl said f*** you to Gerard and Gerard said f*** you back. Haha, it was hilarious! By then, the interview was insightful, interesting and non-threatening to Gerard's personal life. Other than swearing each other out, they talk about MCR's record company, about coolness, the relevenace of the artist to their creation and a lot more (13 minutes people!!!).

ahaha...her english does suck..

PS. I loved the part when they cursed each other. Both of them took it very lightly.

PS2. Coolness is on Gerard's Hate List.


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