flicks for the invitation

I was putting so much gel in my hair so that not a strand would ruin my pictorial for my invitation card for this December's Nursing Capping event.

Everyone was shoving for the mirror to put on their makeup and pretty themselves up. I had my own mirror so why shove anyone? For some reason, I was so disgusted by some people. They kept sharing each other's make up and mine too! (I had no choice but to share mine also, I was too nice...huhu) It made me think about all the gunk and junk their putting on each other's faces. Don't get me wrong, I love make up but to the point of sharing it with others just makes me want to faint.

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I was uncomfortable with the clinical jumpsuit they made me wear and I was struggling with it too. Mrs. Gigante and Mr. Juan Chu were in the room to help us all out. It was my turn. I think I did great but my smile was weak. I noticed. And I hope and cross my fingers that it will turn out great.
Some vain men for your eyes only:
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