he's 17 and getting a license?

My young brother turned the big one- seven last night... We had pizzas and ice cream all the way to our stomach's content. No big parties, just being with the family at home while watching movies all snuggled up.

Moving on, Boy (my young bro) was taught how to drive the family car and motorcycle by my father for months now and he's eventually getting a student license in weeks to come. Isn't that great news? Now I got me a driver!..woohhoo.. So that's bye bye to transportation problems.

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I've thought about getting me some driving lessons too, but, by the looks of the congested highways and the equally increasing problem of global warming, I'll just stick to jeepneys. I mean, it's cheap and I get to sleep in it for a good whole hour and I have never missed my stop ever! Then there's the case of my hair all ruined before I even get to school and me smiling like a polluted environment..eekkk!

There's always the pros and cons of everything huh?
I better weigh things properly then.
(anyone got a weighing scale?)


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