minor earthquake scare

Our class was told to go to the gym which is located at the highest floor. Innocently, we wait for our teacher to give us something to do. Kathy, Emma and I are cracking up jokes about each other. Then the benches we were sitting on were suddenly shaking. I thought that someone was trying to pull a joke but when other students screamed and started to run towards the exit, I did what my instinct told me and ran. I wasn't able to check on my friends because I was all too confused and caught up in the moment. I did manage to grab a hold of Kathy and both of us ran towards the Lobby. The rest of the gang eventually caught up with us and all of us shared our experiences about the minor quake.

Marianne was still shaking from what happened. Every one else was doing fine and we kind of just joked about it. But what if something did happen, like what if one of the cables on the gym just snapped or the building started to crumble from above? It is so scary to think about it but I can't deny the fact that it might just happen. Classes were delayed for hours to keep everyone safe. The gym was declared safe to occupy so they made us go back there.

It's now giving us the hibbie jibbies!!!

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