it's honky dory for now...

All the familiar faces, voices and rooms are flooding back to me again. I was so excited that I only had four hours of sleep.

I was early in school so that I can get a chance to catch up on my classmates' happenings. Then, one by one, my circle of friends started showing up. Kathy then Emma, Madz, Nicole then Marianne. All 6 of us were such motormouths, we couldn't stop talking about anything. Bla-bla-bla...lol.

So pertaining to school, the 1st 10 sections (since I'm in Section J) will have their first 2 weeks for duty orientation and the actualization of it too. So scary.

Actually, I'm not supposed to blog right now. I have to find metric conversion lists, arrange my medical kit and cover up my notebooks which sounds dull. What wasn't dull though was when Emma, Kathy and I just stayed in one classroom and talked our heads off (I even danced just to keep their energy going!) until it was time for the next class.

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What a day! Mdm. Ramas came to our room and shared with us some words of wisdom- that time is presiouc and we should spend it for studying and note-taking and nothing else if we want to survive in their school!

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