all over again

All the late nights, lazy morning, and binging snacks in the afternoon will have to come to an end now that I've got to attend this thing called classes tomorrow- bye bye sembreak! Yes, school is starting once again. I wish to end my class presidency ASAP.

I'll be missing out on all the latest videos, cool songs and most especially the MCR news...huhu. I don't know how to bear all of this. I've begun preparing my stuff and making advance notes. We're going to have duty work and I'm anxious. They're finally sending us out to the real world and by the time we're out there, we'll probably just be shaking in terror. So scary to think of...(just goes to show how pessimistic I am).

Oh yeah, I'm helping Athirah out in this T shirt Design Contest sponsored by Samsung in order to win a Meet and greet with My Chemical Romance. I have a lot of ideas brewing in my head but I'm not gifted with artistic abilities so I've texted Madz to help me out in making out the designs. We'll be thinking of more designs when we meet up tomorrow.


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