awards show once again...

Here are the winners of this years MTV Europe Awards 2007:
Rock Out: 30 Seconds To Mars
Band: Linkin Park
Inter Act: Tokio Hotel
Ultimate Urban: Rihanna
Album: Nelly Furtado-"Loose"
Most Addictive Track: Avril Lavigne-"Girlfriend"
Headliner: Muse
Solo: Avril Lavigne
New Sounds Of Europe: Bedwitters
Best UK and Irish Act: Muse
Video Star: Justice-"Dance"

MCR didn't win any but they did get to perform which isn't a bad thing. That's them but Bob is missing and I never get to see a shot of the whole My Chem anymore. Even in the MTV Asia awards, Mikey was missing from the group now Bob is not in this shot?! (duh...arm accident)


The MTV EMAs will be shown here in the Phil. on the 18th of November at 9pm. I wouldn't miss the world for it. *gets up and marks calendar*

Additional photos: Gerard and Jared Leto of 30 seconds to mars posing for the photog. My two favorite lead singers from my two fave great rock bands.

And for the record, Gerard has the word 'catholic' written on his neck. Not obvious huh?

Hotness...they sizzle on camera!

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