oh happy day!

Busy, busy, busy.

  • I got a certificate from our school dean stating that I made it to the Dean's list for SY. 2006-2007! What a shocker it was when I got it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Me? a dean's lister? And to think that my day kind of started rough that day. I was ecstatic to show it to my parents. They were proud, I was happy and that's all that matters.
  • We have started our Capping and Badging Practices. It was really weary. One time, I slept through the whole half of the practice. Ahahaha!
  • Beyonce had her concert at Taguig, Philippines last Nov. 7. MTV had this promo and gave out tickets to the winners. I joined but didn't win it though. Huhu... I heard that the crowned prince of Borneo went here just to see Beyonce live. Doesn't Beyonce have a concert in his country or something? But still, it'll have been cool if I won and got to go to it.
  • Our English Philippine Literature tacher, Ms. Mendoza, is so artistic in a way that she knows every literary work there is. She shares with us her most fave poems ("How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."). I love it when she shares her insights about life, death, politics and everything else under the sun. This reminds me of Tuesday's with Morrie. Hmmmm...

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