mixed emotions..

i'm ovulating today so i'm having mood swings. you can't blame me, i'm a girl and it's on our PPCM book. so you might want to look it up.

in total actuality, i wont be blogging long. i have to study for an exam and for an oral recitation tomorrow.

collective updates on my life:
  • i haven't been writing much on my journal. my pen can't keep up with the flash flood of information i have in my head.
  • our English teacher gave us scripts for our group play, ours is entitled The Dancers by Alberto Florentino.
  • emma, madz, kathy and maian left me for dead while i was roaming around the whole campus just to look for them, it's not easy being alone ya know...
  • i have this crush on an iranian guys in school. i keep seeing him in the library (i know, i'm such a dork!) but my friends don't approve of him coz they say that he smells funky. i've never actually got that close to smell him.
  • i just found out that i have a problem with people touching my hair or anything above my neck. i don't want other hands touching anything that is above the neck...uugrrhhh! the thought of what that person's hands may have had touched and if they even washed it or not.... eeekk! i'm turning into those geeky germo-phobes!
  • i dreamt of him Just last night, in my drEam he apologizeS to me for not giving me attention for the paSt few weeks. then just before my next class started, I saw him at thE door and then he came up and asked me how i was doing and the other usual school stuff questions he asks of me...weee. i melted during that conversation. *
  • i've never dreamt of that little Gerard boy as of now, i was hoping for a continuation to that story.

is my life such a bore or what? ahaha, i laugh at my sarcasm..


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