a gerard way dream slash nightmare

I woke up crying today.
I had this really awful dream...Here it goes:
I was standing on a really plain field and I could see a small bridge with a river below it from a far. It was dark and the strong wind beat up my hair and rustled the winds hard. I then realized I was with a small boy about 10 years old and has black hair and is really white. I didn't get a good look at him coz he was walking ahead of me so I followed him. He wasn't talking and I didn't too so both of us just remained silent. The boy was heading towards the bridge, I was able to catch up with him when he then began talking to me. I didn't hear what he was talking about because the winds were getting noisier. I walked with him side by side. We were walking on the bridge now when the wind suddenly lifted the boy in mid-air as if he were made of feather. The boy gave out a scream then shouted, "wherever you will go, i will follow". The boy was screaming coz he was now in the river and the strong current got a hold of him. I swam to his rescue and when I got to him, I held him close. The winds were stronger now when suddenly the river turned into a whirlpool. A whirlpool in a river? I know it sounds crazy but then I saw this wooden paddle while still holding the boy. The paddle seemed to be stuck but it has of no movement what so ever. With that strong of a current how could it not move budge a bit? I was screaming for help and I could hear my voice echo on the field.
The field then vanished and I was in a room sitting on the edge of someone's empty bed. I looked straight ahead and I saw a reflection of myself. There was a hug closet mirror in front of me. By the looks of it, the house was empty but very lavished. The boy was standing near me and I didn't notice him until I finally got to my senses that what happened in the whirlpool river is probably a dream. When I was about to talk to the little boy, he walked out of the room. I followed him out of the room and into another room- a bathroom. The boy doesn't have his clothes on and is sitting on a tub full of water overflowing to its brim. How could water just appear? The faucet is off. But it didn't stop the water level rising in an instant. I ran towards the tub but when I took a step he slowly laid back on the tub as if wanting to drown himself. I got to the tub and with all my might pulled him back up. He didn't budge, not a single movement. I tried again and again. But nothing. He's going to die if I don't get him back up as I thought that to myself.
I began crying when a man wearing all black with a red handkerchief tied around his neck was running towards the tub. In my dream, everything happened in slow-mo. He knelt at the side of tub and did the same thing I was trying to do. I helped him and noticed that he has black hair and really pale skin just like the little boy. Probably is his father, I thought. With another try, I could feel the boy's body slowly pulling back up. I looked at the place that the father was supposed to be but he suddenly disappeared. I was confused but I brought back my attention to the boy. But to my astonishment, he isn't the boy in the tub neither the boy in the raging whirlpool river. What was in the tub is the body of the man who helped pull back the boy's body just seconds ago. Water was non-stop. I wiped away the wet hair from the man's face and to another shocker, is actually Gerard Way.
"Wherever you will go, I will follow".
These words still echo to my head until now. The dream played itself twice in my head before I finally woke up crying so hard.

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