We just had our 1st Christian Living class yesterday with Mdm. Sarthou. It was weird because this made me look back on all the CL classes I've had all my elementary and high school life. I loved that class and I know I'm gonna love this.

For our CL requirement, we were told to have a journal and write on it everyday until our CI doesn't require it anymore. It was tiring to have a journal. I mean, I already have a blog now and I'll be having a journal too? Grrr... But the journal is graded so I should just turn my frown upside down.

I had a journal last 2003. I still have it with me. I didn't read it back because I don't have the time but I know I eventually will open it up and say 'heavens to betsy this was what i've been doing?'...LOL

There was a fiesta at Christian's yesterday too. Ana and I went and I was invited to Carl's fiesta and Analen's debut at the same time. I wasn't able to go to the rest coz I already made plans first at Christian's with Ana. I can't back out on a plan. So yeah, we went to Chan2x's and ate to our hearts' desire. Micheal, Kema and Maverich came so it made the fiesta a lot more fun.

It felt weird being with Micheal and Ana who are both reading erotic stories online while I was eating mango float (yum!) and listening to them read it. Mhic2 and Ana had fun reading while I had fun eating. They were eventually giggling. But thank heavens, that the story was too long and it was already late so the three of us called it a night and went home.


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