Emma's tragedy in her family

Emma, the first person I actually made friends with when I stepped into the university, just had a tragic loss in her family. Her father's lolo died. I know I don't much about her relatives but it's a melancholy to see someone in class everyday about to burst out in tears.

I never had real experience with death. There was this time, when relatives of ours from Mindanao died, Papa booked tickets to set sail and attend to the funeral. The truth is, I never really knew which relative of ours passed away. I haven't even seen my father cry. He always has that tough guy look on him. A strong man with a fragile heart.

Sometimes I wake up crying, dreaming that one of my parents died. I don't want that to happen yet. Please Lord not yet please. At their age right now, they should have been retired but they choose to work and give us the education that we so need to arm ourselves for the harsh truths and realities that the world may come throwing at us in an instant.

Ahaha..I've never been this melodramatic in my blog before. Well, it's about time that I probably should.

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