think happy thoughts!

*throws confetti*
The Samsung T Shirt Design Contest chose 15 winning entries to get a chance to have a meet and greet session with MCR.
Athirah got it made! She'll be living out her dream, hence, meeting and greeting with My Chemical Romance.

I was in total awe of what's happening until I read her blog. My jaw dropped to the floor instantly. It's actually happening. It really is. I'm so happy for her...weee! I was such in a hype that I couldn't stop myself. I instantly texted my friends that Athirah won. She won! And they have yet to see her winning entry...
MCR carnival

I had my doubts with that design at first coz I really thought this wedding design would win the gold!

But I was wrong...ahaha!

*picks up confettis and throws it again*


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