simply breathtaking!

Smoke from the barbecued fish woke me up early but still, I did intend to wake up earlier than usual because I invited my friends over at lunch time.

With a screeching halt, Milay, Baron and Lorenz suddenly texted that they can't make it because they have other plans. I was palpitating so hard that thank goodness I fell on a chair! They hardly pull jokes one me but thank goodness it was one. I really was about to cry...sniff sniff.

Moving on: The fiesta went terribly great. Some of my guy friends weren't able to come, ed, galo, jessie, keith and jhumar. Too bad. The food was great though and the conversations went well. It's like being back in high school!

Aside from our area having a fiesta, Papa is turning 58 and we got him cake and sang to him our best birthday song rendition ever! Check it out...

After the gorging of foods and drinks, we went to church to light a candle and pray. (I know, why not just go to church and pray right? Well...)

Ana and Anndrew remained while the rest of them parted ways. And the best part of the day would be going to the carnival. Carnivals here do not contain clowns who juggle, clowns in stilts, freak shows, super high roller coasters and fire-eaters so it's all good but I did wish to see a fire-eater though. Ana and I rode the Twirlie (it didn't actually have a name, i made the name up). It's a ride that brings you up and down and the seats twirl at the same time too. It was our turn and the dude gave us no safety procedure and just locked us in our seat. There was even no Go! signal and the seats were already spinning at its peak. I was screaming the loudest that I've ever been, I was seeing nothing but the dark sky, the lights on the railing and the far muddy ground below. I felt like I was going to fall and hurt myself. It's like I was about to die. I wanted it to stop because it was just too much but I still wanted it to go on. Confusing much? The best ride ever! I plan to go back tomorrow.

I've never rode in a carnie ride and I've never been in a carnie for about 5 years straight. They made me go and I had to because Ana is the kind of person that doesn't want to hear the word NO so I thanked her for helping me bring back that thrill to be in a fast pace ride and being in a carnie full of eager faces and long busy lines.

I ran out of breath from all the screaming.

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