all wrapped up for tomorrow's fiesta!

Ola los amigos! (now with rough Spanish accent)

Today's details:
  • baron, milay and with her family and me went to Eastland, a subdivision in Yati, where we hung out while her sisters where out swimming in the pool. It was fun chilling with both of them at her car. They're a weird couple and I like weird..ahaha. By weird, I meant that they taunt and poke fun at each other. Photos here. What a blast!

  • Fiesta in celebration of San Narciso's feast day here in Consolacion will be celebrated tomorrow so Mom and I went to the grocery and I had to push that ton of a shopping cart the whole time. I'm getting me some muscles. It was pouring rain by the time we got home. Invitation is kind of exclusive so I'm pretty picky on my guest list.
  • I think tonight is Joan Lo's pageant night for Miss Consolacion. Not sure. I want to go but it's raining hard and the house is leaking on me. Aaargh!
  • Just read from Athirah's post, It is SSSOOO official! She and her friends bought tickets already and I'm so excited for her. It's a month away and you know what that means..planning, planning, planning!
  • Kat has a blogspot now too! But it needs a little touch too bad I can't get through her username and pasword.


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