A beautiful day eh mate?(said with rough Australian accent)
  • Manoy just came home from Boracay and he's gain some pounds which is good for him coz he has always been skinny all his life. He'll be staying for the fiesta, Papa'a birthday and for the SK(Sangguniang Kabataan) Election. (which I won't be voting...yet!) It's nice to have him home.
  • I accomplished the Cake Mania version 1..woohoo! Not a sweat! It's cake mania 2 for me now.
  • There's this show in Reality Zone entitled One Shot. It's a reality tv about the lives of a paparazzi and where, how and who they are shooting as of the moment. It's how they keep things rolling and getting that better shot that other photogs couldn't get.
  • Joan Lo is joining Miss Consolacion 2007 and we weren't there for her at the Talent Show because it was Phatty's debut at the same time. Tsk...tsk...tsk. We'll try to be there for her on the Pageant Night. Also, I have no idea what her talent was because she barely texts about anything.
  • My favorite Late Night show would have to be Jay Leno. I love his Headliner section and the Jay-walking part of his show, chatting with the guests are fun too. Then a re-run was played and his musical guest was Paolo Nutini. I love Paolo Nutini's Last request song but his performance was freaking me out. Really! His voice isn't the actual one that I'm used to. He's singing with an Indie-inspired accent or he's just plainly drunk. He's cute but I can't believe about his performance there. Blah! Watch his performance here. The background is wicked cool though.
  • Last thing, my new photo (of me!) now with short Rihanna-slash-Victoria-Beckham inspired hair...

  • Mama insisted in keeping the rest of my hair. I have it on my room. They said it's a reminder on how much I have lost and how sayang it is. Oh come on!

Life is all about risks!


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