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I have nothing better to do so I'm downloading Cake Mania right now. It's this game which you make the cake that customers ordered. It's a 2-in-1 package so I'm downloading the 1st and latest version of the game.

I've downloaded Diner Dash 3-in-1 and I finally accomplished the Diner Dash 2, I'm in a pickle at level 48 of Diner Dash Flo on the Go (just two more levels and I'll be done with it). It's an exhilarating game. This is the most fun I had with computer games ever.
This can be a cool bumper sticker (if i even have a car)...
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Great! now this is making me remember The Sims. Ahaha..I felt like God in that game. But I cheated a lot on the money so I could make the best houses. I finally grew weary of it. It didn't get me excited anymore when I even had it.

My brother's Playstation is out of the closet for about 3 years now. Can you imagine how old that model is? Now the world has Xbox, PS3, that game cube thing and we have the Playstation (wakwakwak). He found himself a new controller and now he's playing like crazy. We still have the old PS CDs here lying around so finally it's now of good use.

Answers from yesterday's Q&A:
1st answer is Nemo
2nd answer is Transformers.

Didn't I tell you it was easy?


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