the oscar was right!

TV is the only happy haven that I have right now and with the aid of modern technology the DVD player sees to exist. We have DVDs lying here at home so why not make good use of it and try to watch it? I prefer a more romantic-comedy, animation, horror kind of films. The sad thing is that these are not the kind of movies I watch at all: The Queen, The Departed, Dreamgirl, Babel, Little Miss Sunshine. . So what do all of those latter movies have in common?

Well, it starts with an O and ends with an award. Yep, all of it are Oscar award-winning movies.

I finally had the time yesterday to watch some of those. Ok so I only got to watch Dreamgirls, Babel and The Departed. Among the three, The Departed would have to be my fave.

Here are the revews that I just had to agree with...


Flaws and all, "Dreamgirls" is certainly a lot more watchable than other recent
adaptations of Broadway musicals like "Rent," "The Producers" and "The Phantom
of the Opera." - New York Post


This is not a fear-mongering movie, but it is unpredictable and shocking, with
compassion hanging on for dear life. -Hollywood Reporter

The Departed:

For all its bloodletting, The Departed is an intoxicating film. It's a film
that'll have your hands over your face with one eye peeking: The violence
sickens, but the movie seduces. -Houston Chronicle

You can read my review by clicking on the titles.

Do I see a future of myself as a movie critic? Nah!...
So here's a little Q&A: From which movie is this from?
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and this too:
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oh come on, u know u know that!

Answers will be found tomorrow!


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