nothing compares to the quiet evening...

"No more waking up at 6am coz now this time is on our own"- Gabriella and Troy (High School Musical 2)

I've been sleeping a lot less and not getting in touch with the internet ever since school started for me but everything school-related is going to temporarily stop for a while now that I'm having my sem break. Can things get any better?

I think I got everything worked out for me during this break. DVDs, junk food, playstation, computer, mp4, TV, cellphone and friends who are just one text away in spending the time of our lives and blowing off our school money all at the same time.

Oh yeah, there'll be a fiesta here in Consolacion and my father's birthday is coming up so this means that we'll be having a hikay. I overheard my parents talking about food preparations and the lechon (Taenia solium much?). And my eldest brother is coming home from Boracay. He came home last May 2007 and now he'll be back. I wish him a safe trip. Godspeed big bro!

A bit of side note: Taenia solium is also known as pork tapeworm. We have this Microbiology and Parasitology class in school which is definitely coming in handy. I won' be eating that lechon ever!

Let me leave you with this...tada!

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