i'll let dust bunnies collect on my books

yes! so it's finally the semestral break that i've been hoping for after all these long months of burying myself in all those books. what a relief to finally be free!

all i have to do for now is to plan for the outing my friends and i have been thinking of. i'm not good in this, i'm no event organizer but i'll try.

o yeah.. I made 2 friends over the My Chem groups months ago and after learning that we actually have the same passion, we actually chatted our hearts over the band that made us so whole. it's so great to talk about things that you love with the kind of people that loves it as much as you do too..
Athirah and Katherine are their names. Luckily, for Athirah, My Chem's going to her country, Singapore, for a concert on Dec. 12. Lucky ducky!

Hope Athirah still promises me to send some of those MCR merch. (wink wink!)

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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