All the birthdays there ever was..

My birthday is on September 21, 1989.

Meaning, I already am 18.

Free from the bonds of adolescence but still the shackles are there. I'm carefully picking the lock off of these chackles, if you know what i mean.

I don't intend to blog down the events that happened on my birthday because I glued it all in my heart during that eventful day.

No big event. No gowns. No roses. No candles. Just celebrating the way I've always wanted my birthday to be celebrated. Keeping it all simple. Simplicity is beauty. So there you have it. I have pictures on that fateful day at lucilleching2.multiply.com
I love the scrapbook Nicole made for me and the cake that Emma, Kathy, Madz and Maian bought was oh so heavenly.

One word: KARAOKE!

It was so fun!
These are my BFFs...they made my birthday just as wonderful as it is!

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