All the birthdays there ever was.. part 2

My friend's birthdays keeps lining up every time.

Anndrew turned 18 last Sept. 29, Manoi turned 30 last oct. 1 and Emma turned 18 last oct. 2

I'm lazy on making gifts so why just not buy one for Emma and personalize it.

Manoi didn't come home from Boracay so we gave him a call to show that we still do remember him.

Anndrew seemed to be busy during her day but that didn't stop me from txting her.

I'm happy that they're a year older. More life lessons to learn and not merely getting that gray hair.

(i'm lame at on-the-end punch lines, but i'm trying aren't i?)

And yeah..this is Emma. She's the first friend I ever had in Cebu Doctors' University. I thank God that I found a friend like her. I know Kathy, Nicole, Madz and Maian feels the same way too.

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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