I'm making changes

I can't believe myself. I made such a lame blog such lame layouts just goes to show that I suck at this blogging and that I have a lame life.
Ok, so i'm just being dramatic right now.
pertaining to the title of my post i am making some changes in my life...
here they are:
1. I'm going to pray the rosary as much as I can early in the morning.
2. I'll be exercising at least 3 times a week.
3. I'll watch what I eat (not that i have a problem withy my weight), i just want to loose these cheek fats..
4. I'll be blogging as much as i can right now.
5. I'll be loving life right now. Carpe diem!
I know these are only few but it all starts with that one little step to walk that long journey.
I intend to change the bad in me because I choose who I must be.

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