those kind of girls..

I don't want to hurt anybody's feeling here but I really don't like those kind of girls who goes saying like this "I can't live without a boyfriend", "I can't go out without anyone taking my hand", "I'd die without one!".
Does anyone get the idea here?
It's like there's nothing more important in life than not having a boyfriend. I know I'm a little prejudice here just because I don't have a boyfriend. But when girls like those don't have someone to give them free rides, free meals and other free stuff, it's like they're saying that boyfriends are mere trophies to be displayed just waiting to be disposed when they rot out.
I admit I do want to have one. I plan to have one before my 18th birthday but I lost count on how many times I kept saying that to myself.
Great! Now I'm sounding so desperate here. I can't wait for true love to take its course, i have to take action. But where do I start?
Oh no...I don't want to turn into them, into those blood-sucking, man-eating species of a female.
I just watched Cruel Intention this morning maybe that's what brought me into thinking on this topic.
I apologize for this really confusing blog. I have to go and get dressed for class now.

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