My running shoes are on

So tomorrow at 6 AM would be the 2nd University Run at North Reclamation Cebu Doctor's University.

I got everything ready and I just got back from a fiesta at Yati, Lilo-an. I'm not saying I'm excited for tomorrow but I pray that I won't sprain an ankle or anyone else for that matter. I'm into exercise and other health promotion activities so yeah, I'm gonna pump up myself for tomorrow.

I'm class president so it's my duty to check the attendance and this means chasing after them and having them sign a paper while we're running at 3 km/hr. I really don't know much on physics so pardon me i got the whole 3 km/hr thing wrong.

Oh by the way, my running shoes aren't really running shoes. It's not Nike, Adidas or any other top running shoes out there. It's Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes that I got from a sale last year of December. It's a size 7 which is my size but it's bigger than the usual 7. I can't complain anymore coz my mom bought it for me. So all is well.

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