on the run

The second University Run '07.

The whole thing was so fun and exhilerating. My legs didn't ache until I got home. I didn't wat any breakfast and I slept until the afternoon without even having lunch. I liked the whole jogging thins becuase I was with friends and I was also boy-scouting (if you know what i mean..*wink*). I saw lots of my crushes, vince, for instance, and a lot more unknown familiar faces along the way. I was wearing these shorts, belt bag, the fun run shirt and my chucks.

It started at 6am and the whole thing ended by 9am. I was so tired I almost missed my stop when I rode the jeep.

I also got home from school. My friends and I were watching a volleyball game between Nursing and CAMS. The game was just so exciting. Emma and I screamed at the top of our lungs. And guess who won? Need I say? Nursing of course!

The whole time Emma and I were screaming and jumping and stomping our feet, we were boy scouting once again. Ahaha.

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