we all got acquainted alright..

We had our Acuaintance Party yesterday at Paseo. It was't what I expected. I anticipated it to be a huge place but it was as crammy as any place would be if you put all the Nursing students in one area. But enough with all my complaining. The event was great but I was too busy wprrying where my classmates were so that I could give then their tickets for them to enter the event. I ket going in and out the gates enough that people kept eye-ing me from head-to-foot. Well, I don't want to be too full of mself. but I got to say that I was smoking yesterday. With me new blond highlights, poofy, yellow top, dirty brown flowy skirt and sandals that strap up my legs oh-so-well I wouldn't be too surprised if people like what I wore.

I'm doing it again. I'm so full of myself that I should just shut up. I hate talking about myself and I hate being vain But what's a girl to do?

Anywho, about the party. It was fun but the fun drained in me when there were just too many of the students that I felt like hyperventilating even if I don't have that kind of condition in me.

After the party, my friends and I went to SM to watch The Simpsons Movie. It was hilarious as I expected it to be!

Ok, so that's my highlights which turned out to be blondy. I wanted red but that's what I got coz I thought my mama told the one doing my hair that she'd give me red. Oh well.
I have more pics at lucillching2.multiply.com during the party.

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