listing it all down...

So many thing happened:
I'm sorry if I couldn't give full details.
1. It was stressful just to find our class muse, Faye, an escort to go with her for the practices. We eventually found one. Whew!
2. We barely practiced that much for Parenteral Medication for the Return Demonstration. So Emma, Kathy, Madz and I gone overnight just to study for it. We only had 2 hours of sleep because of that. But it went all smooth for Kathy and Emma. Now Madz and I are the ones who have to do the procedure to our partners next meeting.
3. Rusel's birthday was at July 19. She's 6 right now and she's getting talented more than ever. We're singing Rihanna's Umbrella right now.
4. Kathy and I are minimizing the fights or arguments as I might prefer to call it.
5.Rusel had a Tamagochi for her birthday which was what I so wanted when I was her age.
6. I finally have The String Quartet Tribute Album to My Chemical Romance. I only downloaded it though.
7. I miss Jessie and Ana.
8. I was invited to two of my highschool's friends debut and I turned down both because of my busy schedule.
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final book of JK Rowling's 7 HP series. Three of my classmates have it and I am so envious. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for the softbound version.
10. I have a huge pimple on my upper left corner of my lip right now. It's so distracting that i keep covering my mouth the whole time at school.
11. Traffic is getting worse early in the morning. There was this one time when I was so late for an exam but when I got there the exam almost begun without me. Thank God I made it in time.
12. Nicole is crying right now. I heard from my classmate, Glenn, that she broke up with her boyfriend, Nikoli. That good for nothing guy turned down the greatest girl that he could ever have twice! What a jerk! But I really want to talk to Nicole right now. We weren't there to comfort her because we had Parenteral Medication at that same day too.
13. I have my Nokia 5200 for 2 months and a half now.
14. I still don't have a boyfriend.
15. Mom just came home from Butuan where a convention that she attended was held.
16. I realized that I never want to sleep so late again just so I could have conversation chats with my classmates over the Internet.
17. I haven't prayed the Rosary for a long time now. I should do it today then.
18. I am talking more openly with my family about the happenings in my school.
19. I could barely keep up with MCR news now because I'm too choked up in school.
20. I just realized that there's so many handsome young freshmen in our school. lol! (oh behave!)
21. Sir Aller tells us the most inspirational stories in class ever. The Story about the Toilet Paper, Comparison of Man and Woman by Victor Hugo and The Solitary Life of Jesus.
22. I can't keep up with Physics right now because i just don't get how it's all done. We're tackling on Vectors right now.
23. Nguyen kept following me yesterday after HC class was over. He's so shy in striking up a conversation with me. Poor thing!
24. Intong wanted to sit beside me at HC class one time. And he did! He didn't take interest in class but kept trying to find ways to talk to me and not get caught at the same time because we were sitting in front.
23. I have to make advance notes.
Until next time. Stay beautiful inside and out.

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