It's starting to crumble.

I am pertaining to my friendship with Kathy. Remember my previous post when she's starting to get on my nerves but then I just shake it off? Well, she's really hanging on my nerves and never intends to let go until she succeeds in defeating me.
It all started all so innocently with jokes here and there. I can't remember joking about her. I just joke about any random stuff I think about.
Eventually, she began making up new jokes about me. Like any calm woman would do, I just shrugged it off. She keeps joking about my sense of style, my taste for guys, she even makes up jokes that would backfire on me.
Whenever I ask her about something serious, she jokes about it but I can sense that it's sarcasm. She's getting sarcastic. One time, I just shut my mouth up. I didn't want to talk to anybody especially Kathy. She sensed that something was wrong and she could tell that it was about her. She asked and I didn't give her any answer. Why should I? She knows what she's done wrong!
I also know what she's trying to do to me. Yesterday was our Return Demonstration on Oral Medication. She was my partner and I gave her a satisfactory grade on her performance. It was my turn to do my demonstration, when she rated me she didn't tell me what score she gave me. So I asked Emma what score Kathy gave me. And she gave me an 80 out of a hundred! I know I did great and to think that I gave her a score of 94. I can't believe she's so uptight on giving me a score that she knows very well knows that I did great!
I topped 5th on HC Theory, 4th on HC RLE and 3rd on HC as a whole in our class on my first year second semester. That was such an achievement for me. Kathy was crushed that she only got the 8th spot on HC Cumulative. She's a smart girl and her disappointment when she found out that she didn't at least land at top 5 on the Outstanding Students of HC Class was obvious because she kept telling us about it.
I finally figured out her plan. She asks to be my partner so that even though I did well on my performances, she'll still give me a low grade. She'll be all good to me but in the back of her mind she'll find ways to crush my grades just enough so that she'll be as smart as me.
I don't know if I can take this any longer. Lord, please help me. Help our friendship. Help me to find ways to help her. Please.

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