I was their joke

For weeks I was ready to perform for the class on Bag Technique and Urine Testing because that's what our group topic is. I was happy with the creative output but wasn't so sure with the class demonstration. I was ready but I wasn't sure. It's because the skills training was vague so I decided to call up Nicole to help me on that area. Her section is done with Bag Technique and Urine testing so she's got no prob but to recall all the stuff and then transfer all that she has learned unto me.
We all gathered up to practice. But the whole time we try to practice seriously it's when we always burst out laughing and find ourselves chit-chatting. She did teach me a lot but it was all going to be up to me.
The day of the reporting and class demonstration finally arrived.
I was a laughing stock! Not at the reporting part but at the demonstrating part. My hands were shaking so hard when I had to pour the Benedict's Solution and most especially the urine on the test tube. There wasn't a drop of urine on me but my hands were shaking so terribly. it's because of the pressure and their eyes are so glued on me that I could hard;y look at them without feeling like an insect waiting to be squashed with their grimy hands.
All eyes were on me and I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead. My bangs were sticking so much on my forehead that I looked like a geek.
Our Clinical Teacher was Sir Enjambre. He wasn't all bad it was until my part came. I thought I was prepared but I mistakenly done a lot of things wrong. When I had to interpret the result of the urine, I made such a fool of myself because we were required to speak in Bisaya and I don't know how to interpret those results in that manner. I kept repeating the words: "Mam Montuya, ang imong ihi kay walay glucose karon."
Sir kept asking me to repeat it coz I was doing it all wrong. Thank the heavens Kristel was there to replace me (but it was only for the whole interpreting-the-urine part).
My classmates aren't the type of people who teases me too much. They gave me a pat on the back for doing a great job (even though I wasn't and they knew it too!).
I could still feel them laughing AT me.
It sends chills down my spine.
I made such a goof of myself in front of my crush.
I'll get over this. I've had a lot of people laugh at me over the times and I'm still doing great!
What a day that has been.

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