I'm all school...

... and no play.
Maybe this is why not so many interesting things are happening to me.
I'm always drained with school I barely socialize anymore.
Well, there were some unexpected things that happened days before.
Let me recall:
There was this girl I sat with on the jeepney's front seat. She kept looking at me every 3o minutes or so, I smile back. It was then that we got off the jeep that she told me that she also goes to school at CDU too! No wonder! She's a bit tagalog so I did tagalog. But I was awful at it so I kind of mixed my tagalogs with my bisaya and my english also. I must have sounded like a weirdo.
Ahahah! hey, at least i tried!
We got to know each other a bit. I gave her pointers about Nursing school life. She was listening intently and I felt like a big sister to her. I hope I see her again.
Another thing that happened. Jessie and I rode on the same bus. He was sitting and I had to stand. He didn't give me his seat though coz I said that I was okay with standing up. Any who, Jessie and I talked, which was the best bus ride that I ever had. We talked about school and I was still happy.
I miss him.
Dr. Esplanada is the best teacher ever. I know that it's too early to tell but he gives so much information. He's our Microbiology teacher. We gave him a bad impression at first because we were so late in his first class. We try to make it up by participating in class. It seems to be working because he's getting soft on us.
We only have classes with him once a week.
I can't wait for another class with him.
So you see, I'm all school and a bit of play mixed in it as well.

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