I'll make this really quick

My days are packed with a lot of stuff to do and a lot of notes to write, rewrite and memorize so yeah, I'll just make this really quick because I'm loaded with projects.
The last few days these are the things I learned and remembered the most of:
  • Silence is often the best answer.
  • The best university is when you kneel in front of an old man.
  • To love hard means taking great risks.

I got these from our Philosophy class with Sir Regino Aller. He's a very calm facilitator, as what he wants us to call him in class.

I think this Jason guy really does like me coz he told someone, "Regards daw si Jason nimo", English translation ' Jason sends his regards to you', in Bisaya perception, the guy likes me.

The text mate that Kathy gave my number to was Russian, his name is Mickey Butchko. I saw him yesterday and he's hot! It was until that he opened his mouth and talked to his peers that was a great turn off: he has awful teeth! It's all crooked. Braces anyone?

I was stressed out last weekend because of our group having to make the creative output for our report on Oral Medication. The output was finished a day after and it was great because of all our hard work, well, it's mostly MY hard work.

We reported on Oral Medication yesterday and I was not tensed as I thought I would be. I was all cool with the stuff I've reported.

Physics is killing me lately. I have to recall back from highschool just to keep me from not forgetting all about trigonometry, mostly trigonometry.

Kathy is getting on my nerves lately. I don't know why. Her jokes which is often about me stings my character. I don't know how long I could stand it. Well, maybe a little longer.

I miss Ana and Jessie. The three of us used to go together during our college freshmen years when we had no one to confide with except ourselves. We've all got our own sets of friends and that's what's best for us.

I haven't been watching TV and I miss it.

Waking up early in order for me not to miss the bus is tiring. There's this long line which is making me late for class. Why can't there be jeeps directly go to school huh?

I miss MCR. I haven't been updating myself lately about the guys. I wonder how Gerard's doing. I miss him the most.

Rusel came home from Boracay last Saturday and she's getting her self tanned. A lot of tan! I could tell from the tone of her voice when she tells her stories that she had a great time at Boracay.

That's about it. Got to go.

I'll blog all my thoughts next time around.

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