Will my infatuation ever come to an end?

Surprisingly, it just ended.

Infatuation is a temporary intense superficial attraction. That's how I defined it and I tell you it was definitely intense!

My heart fell into a dark, damp well that it would be impossible to retrieve it again and in the process it smashed itself into the well's depth into a gazillion pieces just like a 5 foot mirror smashes on a dirty floor.

There you have it. Oh, just in case I forgot who I was talking about here and in case I want to read my past blogs in the future, the only talented, handsome man I'm referring to WAS Gerard Arthur Way of My Chemical Romance (isn't he such a hottie on that photo?!). He's engaged so this means goodbye to him and hello to depression.

In honesty, I have never seen him personally but ever since I heard their music and realized that they were actually attractive guys especially the vocalist that's when all my teenie-ness came to a rise.

Here's how it all happened like a year ago:

Ok..so my first time i laid eyes on MCR was on the TV. I was flipping through some channels and I keep seeing Helena on all the music channels here in the Philippines. I didn't bother watching the music vid no matter how good their music were and no matter how high they were on the charts because I never really liked rock bands. But in one fateful really-boring afternoon, I happened to see their Helena music video... and the rest was history. I was like hit with a really big truck on the head because I really love the song and the video went so well with it too! (kudos to Marc Webb for that part!)

I can't believe that I had been ignoring this band since their I'm not okay video was out but that's all changed. Gerard was hot in Helena, so I was like who is that guy?.. but i loved their music even before I knew they were actually very hot examples of the male species..haha! Then Ghost of You came along, then TBP album was out. That's when I became so obsessed.

I've been eating, sleeping, singing, breathing (well, you get the idea) everything that was My Chemical Romance) for the past 8 months! Everything on my mp3 was My Chemical Romance from their past and present album. If there's a scrap paper I'd doodle Gerard and my name on it. My photobucket album is also full of MCR.

Here is one of the scrap papers I was talking about:

Doodling on this was fun so I did more and doodled more on my notes. But I'm actually thankful that this infatuation of mine is over. I don't want to waste my energy and put my hopes up on a guy who is 12 years older and me, who always travels the world and whom every fan girl wants to have a piece of.

Reasons why I infatuated on Gerard Way:

He can sing.

He can dance.

He has a successful band.

He writes most of their songs.

He cares for the fans.

He is so attractive!

He has a nice name.

He has nice hair.

He is a great entertainer.

He is nice.

He has respect for others who even hates him.

He knows how to make my knees shake just with his smile.

He gets along with the guys.

He gets to travel all over the world.

He sends messages of hope.

He never gets in trouble with the law.

He is sober.

He smokes but is determined to quit it.

He loves Starbucks.

He has a funny way of saying his R's.

He has nice lips.

He is half-Swedish and half-Italian.

He loves Spongebob Squarepants.

He has great taste in music.

These are all the reasons why I totally had fallen for him.

Just goes to show how much of a fan girl I was but that doesn't mean I'm retired. I'll still support MCR.

So long and goodbye Gerard and what a thrill this would be if I looked back on this years from now.

This is where it ends my Demolition Lover.

Let's meet again when both our cars collide.

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