I made this day work for me

I'm actually glad that I didn't watch much TV today. Do you know what that could do to your brain cells?
And did you know that you could accomplish a lot in a day?
So I did something worthwhile, like studying in advance all those medical prefixes, suffixes and roots. It's a long list I tell you but that isn't a shocker to me anymore because that's what I'll always be seeing and learning when I set foot in the nursing world. I finished studying half of that list so it's still all fresh in my head.
I made another accomplishment today too. I finally finished reading The Chronicles Of Narnia Book 1: The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. The story was so magical and adventurous. I loved every part of it. It wasn't long ago that I remembered myself saying that that book was a bore to read and it actually took me about a month to finally lift that book up and save it from the dust bunnies that exist on my study table. Thank goodness I read it or else I would never knew that a magical world like Narnia could exist in the mind of such a brilliant author.
I can't wait for Book 2. I still have to borrow it from Nicole though and it would take a week to get my hands on that book. Great, now what should i do for the rest of the week? Hmmmmm...
There's a lot i could do actually, I just have to organize all of it well.
I love today. What is wrong with me? Every day is great I just have to learn to look at all that is positive. I know negativity surrounds us all but once you find things positive it gets better and better all the way.

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