Nicole isn't J anymore!

I got this news from her text yesterday and I feel bad not comforting her. We texted about her current situation, that she isn't gonna be in BSN block J anymore. She is now transferred to block S because she is an irregular student and she needs to make up with her Anatomy subject in order for her to be qualified for the capping ceremony.

I wanted her to be in either section R or U because she knows some people in that section so that it wouldn't be difficult for her to find new friends. But no...she just has to be in section S. Oh well, everything happens for a reason and at least she isn't the only one from block J that'll have to be transferred to block S. Nicole has Jone and Joyce so at least she has them.

I'm going to miss her so bad. I had lots of laughs with her and now she has to be transferred!

The group would feel so incomplete without her.

Dang it! I will so miss her.

I'll miss being partner with her during Return Demonstrations.

I'll miss her Chinese eyes.

I'll miss her presence.

I'll miss her stories.

I'll miss her sense of humor.

I'll miss her straight black hair.

Once school starts I hope this doesn't change our friendship. I don't want that time to come that our friendship seemed to never exist in the first place. I don't even want to think about that. This is change and change doesn't mean bad all the time. Sometimes change is good.

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