i got a new 'do!

There you have it. I mean, there you have me! I just had bangs and I absolutely love it. This reminds me of, uhmm..who was it?..duh, ME.. when i was a kid. I had cute bangs with very long straight hair. But that was then and this is now. My friends saw my new 'do and they liked it too. They said I looked good which was what I wanted to hear in the first place but I'm not all vain or anything I just wanted to hear some assurance from my peers.
Dang! I think I could see my pores from that picture while I'm blogging this down. Again, I'm not at all vain. I'm a girl so cut me some slack. I'm trying to make my new hair style work for me so I'm still discovering new ways on how to do my hair with my new bangs. I'm not going to get all worked up with my hair for now but probably later so this ends my blog. Tata!

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