N5200 is a month old

My Nokia 5200 which was bought last May 5, 2007 is now a month old! Yay me for being a good owner.
I'm blogging this down because this made me recall my first ever fancy phone that I got last February 2006. It was a Nokia 7260. The only thing that made it fancy was its total appearance and the price. It was worth about Php 10,ooo!
Great! Now I have to recall that time...
I requested for an early graduation gift because I just couldn't wait for another month to get my hands on a new phone and waiting for another month meant not letting my batchmates see my new phone. I was a bit show-offish at that time so give me a slack!
I got the phone and a month later by March 2006 and it broke! It didn't like fell on some floor and broke into pieces, it just didn't function. It wouldn't turn on. My heart broke with it as well.
I got over it.
I felt bad that I wasn't able to own the phone as long as I expected it to be. The 10 grand just flushed itself down the toilet. Its warranty was only 7 days too! I was stupid for not canvassing earlier for phones. I also got to recollect myself and learned a lesson also: Never be materialistic. Don't let the earthly demons grab a hold of you, just don't let 'em!
So..yay for me and yay for my parents for giving me another phone which took a year later to happen. It's still all good.

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