Hate it!

I know that HATE is such a harsh word but I can't help if I know what I'm feeling right now.
I hate that I can't blog on time! I have so much to blog about but sometimes all my thoughts would slip off of my mind because I'm lazy.
I hate that I'm lazy.
I hate that I plan small goals during the summer and I can't get any of them done!
I hate that I have nothing to do.
I hate always watching TV.
I hate having this headache.
I hate letting time pass me by.
I hate waking up every morning feeling useless.
I hate it when I promise myself that I'd exercise and then I don't!
I hate it when I don't give time to God like praying the rosary.
This is a bad day for me.
I don't hate everything about me or around me. I just feel bad when I waste time.
I have a lot to blog about but when school gets started that's when I can't blog anymore. School is going to take up most of my time.
I'm such a confusing person. Even I confuse myself!

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