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May 14- Elections Day

Thank goodness I didn't have to vote as of now because by then I wouldn't know who to vote for. I don't watch that much evening news at all because..umm...maybe I'm just lazy or I just don't care. But now I am trying to care, I want to become more conscious and aware of everything around me. After all, this is where I am going to be growing up and living my life.

May 15-17 Full-of-exams week

I can't believe that I have not one single night to relax. It's not everyday that I ask to sleep early. But I have responsibilities to do and that is equal to having exams and a lot of it on our BioChem subject. Anthropology exam was just awful becuase I didn't even reach the passingmark. I failed it and I knew it right from the beginning but I will do what it takes to do great on our Finals. I can't afford failing this subject when I just realized that this might be a piece of cake.

May 18-19

We were finally given our Finals project on Anthropology. All we had to do was make a Philippine map the size of a 1 whole illustration board then place on it all the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. Sounds easy right? It does sound easy at first but when it was the time when we actually had to do the Philippine map that was already the hard part. Thank the heavens that we have one artistic genius in our group while the rest of us 4 are all artistically-challenged as I may call it. We finished it on time despite only there were 3 of us left doing the whole project namely Emma, Madz and I.

All the hardwork kind of paid off when we submitted our project and our professor's first reaction in seeing our work was "WOW" with a shocking look on her eyes to go with it.

That was great to hear that from her but I really have no clue what our grades would be for that.

I'll just cross my fingers that it'll be really good.

*crosses finger*

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