i am so sorry it took me so long..

i am so 'effin sorry!
i am angry at myself but most especially i am angry at my computer for being so slow..grr!
ok..so i'll try to recall what happened last week up to now..
May 13- happy Mother's Day
So the day before Mother's Day, i thought of buying my mom a cake. We don't usually do this and by 'we' i mean us, her children. We usually just give her a Mother's Day card and a kiss. But since she has been so generous to me and my bro for giving us brand new cellphones then we just have to give her something in return. We bought her a chocolate covered heart-shaoed cake from Goldilocks with the words "Best Mom in the World" on it. It tasted so good that it was so sad to see it swallowed up bit by bit.
At the same day, our eldest brother just came home here in Cebu from Boracay merely because he misses his family and then there's the election thing tomorrow. I expected him to gain some weight and when I meant gaining weight i meant that he's getting wider. To my relief, he didn't get any wider he just has a really big tummy that's all. Whew! We were happy to see him. We missed him. I most especially miss him being a goof in the house. I don't know how long he'll be here in the house. I hope he won't stay long, that's a bit evil of me but he really does need to work hard for his family.
That's all for now..i got to eat.

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