how long has it been...

...since I last blogged?
I have a lot to blog down but I can only give the summaries because I'm so sleppy right now. I lacked lots of hours of sleep because of all the exams all filing up in a row. Did I hear someone say stressful?
We had our group presentation on Vitamins and Minerals today for BioChem. Since our professor told us to be creative, we started putting on our thinking caps and came up with the characters for each of us having the roles as fairytale princesses. I was Little Red Riding Hood. Emma was my Evil Wicked Witch/Grandmother. Nicole was Princess Jasmine. Madeleine was Snow White. Chillete was Ariel. Angelie was Poccahontas. Marianne was Cinderella. Kathy was our fairy doctor. I have pictures of us with our costumes still on, on this site: lucilleching2.mulitply.com
As I was saying, we were practicing for this for two days and those practice sessions were a bummer because everyone was all weak, while I was all hyper and ready to take action. I was taking action alright! I had to bring them their costumes because some of them didn't have any to fit for their character. But it was all good. The presentation was alright. None of us presentors were able to hear our professor's feedback on the presentation because we were changing to our unifirms already. But by the look of our professor's face while we were presenting...she liked it. I liked it too because I just made a fool of myself together with 7 of my groupmates as well.
We were complete fools alright! But we are fools getting great grades (probably..)!
We had two more exams for today. Two very long exams. I know I flunked both exams, I just know it. Why does it all have to collide in one day? After all that, I wasn't thinking about that very much. I didn't want to make myself more stressful than I already am.
In SM, we went and bought cakes for our mothers and lola for tomorrow's Mother's Day. It didn't take us long to find one because there were a lot to choose from.
Oh! By the way, today is Jessie's birthday. I wasn't able to greet him early in the morning like I actually planned to but instead I texted him late in the afternoon. I texted him that he's getting old and some birthday jokes. He was a sport about it and said thanks!
Got to sleep. Good night.

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